Services Available to Educators

At The Southwest Council, Inc., we take great pride in providing educational programs available to our community. As an educator, there are a number of services we offer that you can take advantage of. Often times, these types of programs bring us right into the classroom for a number of weeks where we not only build relationships with the students, but provide them with the skills necessary to make healthy decisions.

Most services are grant-funded, however those indicated by an asterisk ( * ), require a fee for service.

Beginning Awareness Basic Education Studies (BABES)*
The Council provides pre-school and elementary school children with the unique and engaging six-week prevention program in which certified presenters use adorable puppets to teach children about such topics as increasing self-esteem, decision making, utilizing coping skills and learning to say “no” to substances.

Botvin’s LifeSkills Training (Gloucester County)
An 10-session program designed to be taught as a multi-year, multi-tiered program for middle school students. This skill-building program is meant to assist in learning skills in life areas, which include drug resistance and general social skills.

Connected Families
Connected Families was established in 2014 with the support of the Pascale Sykes Foundation through its South Jersey Strengthening Families Initiative. We are a partnership between schools, families, and our community, to enhance the well-being and success of our youth. We believe strong, well-informed, healthy families, and supportive communities, are key to student success. Connected Families offers a convenient, comfortable, “one-stop” site where students and families in the Cumberland Regional and Upper Deerfield Township school districts can work together with community partners toward meeting their optimal potential.

Coping with Work and Family Stress*
A research-validated substance abuse prevention program proven to reduce stress and the risks of alcohol, tobacco, drug abuse and violence. This comprehensive and exciting program provides adults with the skills necessary to successfully handle challenging situations and to reduce stressors which can contribute to mental or physical health problems.

Cumberland County Healthy Communities Coalition
The Cumberland County Healthy Communities Coalition is committed to reducing substance abuse among youth and strengthening the community through prevention education and collaboration. The Coalition is comprised of key stakeholders from the entire community that include but are not limited to representatives of youth, educators, law enforcement, parents, faith leaders, health professionals, media, local government and business. If you have an interest in making Cumberland County a healthy and safe place to live, work and play, please contact us for information about becoming involved in any of our ongoing initiatives.

Want to know more? Please visit the coalition’s website by clicking here.

Cumberland County Human Services Transportation Program
The Cumberland County Human Services Transportation Program, CCHSTP offers free of charge, non-emergency transportation for residents of Cumberland County who need transportation to the following services: Mental Health Counseling/Services, Family Support Services and Programs, Healthcare/Medical Appointments, Drug and Alcohol Counseling Services, Prevention Programs, Early Intervention Programs, Social Service Appointments, and Other Healthcare services. Call 1-800-856-9609 for more information.

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Current Trends in Street Drugs*
This statewide project is designed to alert and educate parents, educators, youth, college students or concerned community members about the signs, symptoms and dangers of a variety of legal and illegal drugs, including current drug trends.

Family Nights Out (Strengthening Families)
This program, developed for NJ returning veteran’s families, includes children in family skill training sessions. Both parents and children learn and practice new behaviors separately, followed by working together so that appropriate responses to various behaviors become easier to incorporate into family interpersonal relations.

Fatal Vision Goggles Project*
This project addresses the serious problem of drinking and driving in NJ. The goal is to educate people on the dangers of over-consumption and drunk driving. This project sends a clear message that alcohol should not be consumed by anyone under the age of 21.

Film Library
Over 400 assorted alcohol, tobacco, and other drug educational videos and DVDs are available for ages 4 through adult on a wide variety of topics. Many titles are available in Spanish.

Footprints for Life*
A six-week prevention program for children in grades two and three that builds internal assets and teaches the important life skills students need to grow up healthy and drug-free. The program uses puppets and stories that feature ‘real life’ situations experienced by a children’s soccer team.

GRASP – Gloucester Regional Addictive Substances Prevention Coalition
The Gloucester Regional Addictive Substance Prevention Coalition was formed to build healthy communities by reducing underage drinking, illegal substances with a special focus of opioids, and prescription medication across the lifespan. Our Coalition promotes coordination and partnership between organizations to create environments that are alcohol, tobacco and drug free. We build links between local organizations and individuals who are working to accomplish common goals. With the great partnerships of this coalition, we believe that we can crush the illegal use of prescription medication and underage drinking. It is a pleasure to work with the professionals and people of Gloucester County, to make the region of Gloucester County a safer and better place for our children’s future.

Want to know more? Please visit the coalition’s website by clicking here.

Forest Friends*
A prevention program for children K-2 that uses a cast of lovable forest animals to teach children about conflict resolution and skill building techniques.

Keepin’ It R.E.A.L. (KIR) (Salem County)
A 10-session skill-building program designed for various age groups. The objective of the lessons is to increase life skills such as risk assessment, decision-making and drug resistance, while enhancing anti-drug norms and attitudes.

Parenting for Drug Prevention
A substance abuse prevention presentation for parents and other concerned adults designed to alert them to current drug trends concerning their children. It also gives parents some ways they can help their children resist substance abuse.

Partnership for Success
The Partnership for Success initiative was formed in Gloucester County to expand and enhance the GRASP Coalition and in the Cumberland/Salem County region to expand and enhance the Salem-Cumberland Regional Action Toward Community Health (SCRATCH) Coalition. Partnership for Success (PFS) initiatives address five priority areas which include: underage drinking, prescription drug abuse, tobacco prevention efforts, New Jersey returning veterans, and older adults (seniors).

For more information on Partnership for Success in Gloucester County, click here.

For more information on Partnership for Success in the Cumberland/Salem County region, click here.

Professional Trainings & Workshops
Educational services for professionals, businesses and community groups are available to increase awareness of risk factors leading to substance abuse and to train individuals on prevention strategies. Upcoming trainings and workshops can be found by visiting our calendar page.

SCRATCH – Salem Cumberland Regional Action Toward Community Health Coalition
SCRATCH engages community partners in Cumberland and Salem Counties to establish and sustain the environmental changes necessary to eliminate substance use and abuse. We will consistently develop and promote healthy opportunities and permanent change for current and future generations.

Want to know more? Please visit the coalition’s website by clicking here.

Too Good for Drugs (*fees may be applicable depending on area of service)
Auto the Robot teaches third grade kids not to be “Auto-matic” when they make decisions. Third graders will also learn to identify and manage stress, communicate effectively, set goals learn healthy habits and manage emotions during this 10-session program. Interactive activities, music, workbooks and an engaging robot are used to teach the program lessons.

Volunteer Opportunities
The Council welcomes volunteers of all ages to assist with the many programs we offer.

Youth Alcohol Prevention Programs (15-7-21)
A 45-minute interactive presentation with middle school and high school age youngsters about the dangers of underage drinking. Alcohol is the number one drug of choice for youth! Children who begin drinking alcohol before the age of 15 are 7 times more likely than those who start drinking after age 21 to develop alcohol problems.