Intoxicated Driver Resource Center

If a person has been convicted of an alcohol or drug-related traffic or boating offense in New Jersey, they must satisfy the requirements of the Intoxicated Driving Program and the IDRC.

If a person is sentenced as a first time offender, they will be detained, educated and evaluated for at least six hours each day on two consecutive days in the IDRC. Spanish materials and counselors will be provided to those who need them.

All participants must pay the required fee of $264 on the first day of class, which is payable by certified check or money order only. No cash or personal checks will be accepted by the IDRC staff and all payment is non-refundable.


(856) 794-1011
       English    x 351
en Español    x 350

Frequently asked questions regarding the I.D.R.C.

+ Can I reschedule my class?

No, the IDRC courses are mandatory and rescheduling is only provided based on documentation that a medical emergency or death in the immediate family has occurred; RESCHEDULES ARE NOT PROVIDED FOR LACK OF FEE OR NO TRANSPORTATION TO AND FROM THE COURSE LOCATION.

+ Yo hablo español. ¿Se proporcionarán materiales y consejeros para mí?

Sí, el IDRC esta orgulluso de ofrecer materiales en español y si es necesario consejeros que hablan español.

+ How much is the IDRC class and how can I make the payment?

IDRC participants are required to pay $264 which is due at the first day of class. You may make the payment with a money order or certified check. No cash or personal checks will be accepted by the IDRC staff and all payment is nonrefundable.

+ Where is the IDRC Administrative Office located?

The Southwest Council is the contracted service provider for both the Cumberland and Salem County IDRC Programs. The Southwest Council, Inc. is located at 1405 N. Delsea Dr. Vineland, NJ 08360.

+ How do I know which location to go to?

Please read your Programmatic Schedule Letter carefully; it will identify the location of the IDRC that you are assigned to report. New Jersey residents are required to attend the IDRC program, which is located in the county in which they reside; if you have been scheduled to attend a class in a county that you do NOT reside, call the IDRC office where you have been scheduled.

+ This is my second DWI, what now?

Individuals convicted of a second DWI and who have been remanded to a 48-hour program should contact the phone number on the Programmatic Schedule Letter that they have received.

+ I have received a Programmatic Schedule Letter for IDRC class in New Jersey, is that right?

Yes, individuals who have been assigned to a New Jersey IDRC class are remanded to the assigned program pursuant to the New Jersey state statute. Should the individual reside within a 50-mile radius of New Jersey, they are required to attend the New Jersey program. Questions pending your out-of-state status may be addressed to the NJ Intoxicated Driver program at (609) 588-7354.

+ I still have questions regarding the IDRC program, who should I contact?

If you have any questions, please contact The Cumberland and Salem County Intoxicated Driver Resource Center at (856)794-1011 or