The Southwest Council, Inc. is a private, non-profit, health agency providing prevention, education, early intervention, and outpatient treatment services to the NJ counties of Cumberland, Salem, and Gloucester. 

Founded in 1991 as a primary Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug (ATOD) prevention services provider, The Southwest Council’s sole mission is to reduce the prevalence of abuse of these harmful substances. The Southwest Council’s goal is to increase awareness about ATOD related problems in our communities, schools, businesses, and professional organizations, as well as assisting families and individuals by offering services and referrals whenever possible.

As an agency, The Southwest Council, Inc. is committed to improving the health and welfare of residents of Cumberland, Salem, and Gloucester Counties so that children and families can thrive and grow to be strong, responsible individuals. The agency has evolved to meet the changing needs of residents across the lifespan by initiating innovative and evidenced-based prevention and intervention services that fortify communities and the families, schools, and businesses that comprise them.

The Southwest Council is a member of the New Jersey Prevention Network, a state-wide corporation linking prevention services throughout the entire state of New Jersey. The Southwest Council, Inc. is funded by federal, state and county grants, as well as private contracts, corporate sponsorships, and individual contributions. As a tax exempt agency, all contributions made to The Southwest Council, Inc. are tax deductible.