Never too old to learn.

Adults and senior citizens are the focus of these programs, since they play a very important role in the health of our community and may need additional support for their own needs. 

Wellness Initiative for Senior Education (Wise)

A six-week wellness project designed to celebrate healthy aging, and offer health information and resources for seniors. The six lessons cover a wide range of topics, including healthy lifestyle choices, risk factors, prescription drug use, ATOD prevention and ways to celebrate this exciting stage of life and the benefits that come with it. 


Account. Secure. dispose.

A common problem for seniors is having medications that are expired or no longer needed, but never reevaluated. Properly accounting and securing medications is an increasing issue. Estimates of more than 70 percent of prescription painkiller abusers say they get their drugs from family and friends, with or without their knowledge. Our answer is to have a regular "brown bag" checkup  with your pharmacist.


Narcan training

Free trainings and education on how to administer the opiate antidote Narcan®  to reverse a heroin/opioid overdose. Participants who successfully complete the training will receive a free naloxone kit.


intoxicated driver resource center 

The IDRC provides education and evaluation for individuals convicted of an alcohol or drug related offence in NJ.  The program requirements consist of a 12 hour course over two consecutive days. 

For Businesses


A valuable service provided to local businesses that helps to identify and to assist employees with substance abuse and related problems. Certified staff provide intervention services to employers to assist them with various concerns. 

Fake ID Training

A training offered to the hospitality industry to provide an overview of the underage drinking problem; while increase knowledge on how to properly check IDs and spot fake identification. This is aimed at reducing the sale and serving of alcoholic beverages to minors. *There may be insurance rate reduction as a result of this training. 


An advocacy campaign for alcohol and tobacco retailers designed to improve compliance with the state's legal drinking and smoking age: Alcohol and tobacco sellers pledge to check the IDs of young buyers, and earn positive coverage for their health efforts.