We are committed to growth and expansion based on the needs of the communities we serve.

The development of regionally-based coalitions have enhanced our capacity to focus on students, parents, military families, and older adults. This approach is helping to break community norms that perpetuate substance abuse throughout southwestern New Jersey. 


A coalition is comprised of a group of individuals and organizations working together to achieve a common goal, in our coalitions' case, substance abuse prevention.

Who is part of a COALITION?

Coalitions aim to have members who represent the various sectors of the community they are serving. Having members who are representative of the community and understand the community’s unique challenges is the key to any coalition’s success. 


When coalitions can bring various persons and professionals together from the community they can truly have an impact on the issue at hand. As community members, and those serving the community, we want to empower you to be the leading force behind positive transformation in the places that you live, work and play.

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The Gloucester Regional Addictive Substance Prevention (GRASP) coalition was formed to prevent the abuse of addictive substances through strategic community partnerships.  Our primary focus is on preventing underage drinking, marijuana use, and the abuse of prescription drugs.

The coalition is a regional coalition in Gloucester County comprised of local businesses, community members, faith based organizations, parents, youth and professionals.  The coalition’s main focus is on the prevention of substance abuse. Whether you live or work in Gloucester County, you are welcome to join us!

The GRASP Coalition’s priority is to bring together like minded individuals with the goal of empowering the community with education, awareness and the implementation of both environmental strategies and policy changes. GRASP has worked to achieve this goal.

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Salem-Cumberland Regional Action Toward Community Health (SCRATCH) is a regional coalition dedicated to eliminating substance abuse in Salem and Cumberland Counties.

SCRATCH is an initiative of The Southwest Council, a substance abuse prevention agency which has been providing substance abuse education and prevention services in Salem and Cumberland Counties for more than 21 years.

The coalition employs environmental strategies to change community norms which might be favorable to substance abuse. For instance, the coalition will work to change the belief that underage drinking is a normal part of growing up by conducting Sticker Shock Campaigns designed to inform adults of the legal consequences of providing alcohol to underage drinkers.

SCRATCH initiatives address three main issues:

  1. Underage Drinking

  2. Prescription Drug Abuse across the lifespan

  3. Illegal Substances with a special emphasis on marijuana use

The coalition is 60 members strong and enjoys good representation at our monthly meetings. The coalition membership is diverse and includes both professionals and volunteers from Salem and Cumberland Counties who are interested in reducing substance abuse in their communities. Members consist of health professionals, school officials, municipal alliance coordinators, religious leaders, parents and youth, to name a few. All are welcome to join the coalition. Coalition members look forward to working to reduce substance abuse in the Salem-Cumberland region for years to come.

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The Cumberland County Healthy Communities Coalition (CCHCC) was formed to build healthy communities by reducing substance abuse among youth. We primarily focus on preventing underage drinking, marijuana use, and the abuse of prescription drugs.

The coalition is comprised of a group of active community members of all ages and from all walks of life, including educators, law enforcement, parents, youth, faith leaders, health professionals, media, local government and businesses. We also have a Youth Network  for teens to participate in our efforts. Whether you live or work in Cumberland County, you are welcome to join us!

We believe in the power of collaboration and are certain that a group with a common goal can achieve so much more than one organization or individual alone. Our coalition encourages coordination and partnership between key community stakeholders to create environments that are alcohol, tobacco and drug free. We build links between local organizations and individuals who are working to accomplish common goals.


Youth Network
The Youth Network is a youth leadership group that is part of the Cumberland County Healthy Communities Coalition. The Youth Network brings together teens who want to make a positive difference in their community by encouraging peers to participate in healthy decision making by staying drug and alcohol free.

The Youth Network provides many leadership and volunteer opportunities. The activities are chosen and designed by teen members with help from adult advisors, and elected youth officers at our monthly meetings. Membership in the Youth Network not only gives teens an opportunity to make a positive impact on their community, but provides valuable leadership experience.


Partnership for Success
The Partnership for Success initiative was formed in Gloucester County to expand and enhance the GRASP Coalition, and in the Cumberland/Salem County region to expand and enhance the SCRATCH Coalition. Partnership for Success initiatives address five priority areas which include: underage drinking, prescription drug abuse, tobacco prevention efforts, New Jersey returning veterans, and older adults (seniors). These expanded areas of work enable the coalitions to bring a comprehensive plan of action to meet the needs of the community. 



Incorruptible.us is a program that brings together motivated and creative teens to take a stand against the use of Tobacco in New Jersey.

Our purpose includes setting up new groups or partnering with already existing groups and focusing on the prevention and cessation of tobacco use among our youth ages 13-18.  Teens will have the opportunity to build lasting bonds with like-minded students and make large scale change!! These meetings also meet the requirements for community service hours and is an asset for college applications.