The Importance of Vaping Education

By Michael Regenelli

Vaping and electronic cigarettes
have become an increasingly common sight over the past few years, yet many people, parents and teachers included, don’t know much about them. The CCHCC and Southwest Council Coalitions will seek to address this by providing brief trainings regarding vaping to school personnel and parents. Our first training was held at CCHCC’s meeting on November 14.

These 20-30 minute trainings begin with a brief history on the origin of vaping. Next, current information about vaping devices and how they work is provided. Attendees have an opportunity to gain hands on experience with identifying various kinds of vaporizers. The training also explores the growing trend of vaporizers being used with drugs other than standard nicotine solu- tions; most commonly marijuana extracts. Finally, the presentations address myths and facts surrounding vaping.

Participants can expect to leave the presentation equipped to answer questions about the health effects of vaping, and signs that a student or child is vaping, as well as laws surrounding vaporizers and their use. The Southwest Council coalitions plan to offer this training to school systems as part of in service training hours. The goal will be to increase staff members’ ability to combat student vaping. For more information about these presentations and their availability, please contact Michael Regenelli (856) 794 -1011 ext. 303, Donald Noblett (856) 794-1011 ext. 316, or Candice Carter (856) 494-4950 ext 16.