The Gift of Gab

by: Robert Regler

Effective communication skills may come easy to some, however these are skills that some may take for granted. Communication comes in various forms and having effective communication allows a person to fully express themselves and makes it easier for those around them to convey their message. When most people think about communication, they think of the words that we say, however communication comes in various forms. Communication can range from our body language all the way to our tone of voice and even through our actions. Your level of communication skills will overall impact your life and those who you interact with.



            Having good self-awareness is key to effective communication skills. While you may be effectively communicating verbally, your body language may tell a different story. Your body language should match what you are saying. If your body language does not match up, the message you are trying to give may not be conveyed. Body language such as slouching, crossing your arms, and not making eye contact can ruin or send a negative message to your audience.

            In addition to how you project yourself to others, listening is a vital communication skill. Focusing fully on who is talking is the best way to be an active listener. If you are constantly checking your phone or looking off while someone is speaking, you are not fully hearing what they have to say, and the other person will notice. Depending on the situation asking questions, being empathetic, and providing feedback can be effective communication skills.


Communication skills may come easy to some and not others. However, these skills can be built and prove to be a valuable tool in all aspects of life. The Southwest Council, Inc. provides free presentations on various topics such as effective communication, for both parents, community members and for schools. If you are interested in having a presentation, please feel free to reach out at (856) 794-1011 or visit us online at